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Alegra.R Wedding Planner
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Your Wedding Planner


Y ou may think that the most important day of a couple, desired and expected, can be ruined by a year full of thoughts rather than being seen as a beautiful fairy tale from “once upon a time..” to “..and they lived happily ever after.”.

Usually, during the wedding preparations, there is the same question: “I have done and thought of everything?”

With us your answer is “Yes”.

Here is what makes Allegra.R Wedding Planner…
We continue to let you dream till your special day.

We will learn very soon your tastes and your preferences to create a unique and personalized wedding, not leaving anything to chance.

The Wedding Planner will become your confidant, a person who will help you with any doubt, a reference point for your guests, the one that will make you think that everything will be beautiful, perfect and… unforgettable!

We leave you with so much fairy dust… for a fantastic day.

Four steps for…

a unique wedding as a work of art!

1 1
The Dream

Daydreaming! It is the first step of our newlyweds that we will magically interpret for a perfectly done wedding.

2 2
Pictures and emotions

You will close your eyes and imagine… colours, shades, perfumes, places, passions, feelings… that we will do ours and that we will elaborate and transform into a magical reality.

3 3
To create and to shape

Like a work of art…the dream takes shape thanks to the creativity and expertise of our handmade laboratories which meticolously will select the best materials for a unique and unmatched final result.

4 4
Like a fairytale…

It’s all ready. A fairytale atmosphere will envelop the most exciting day of your life thanks to unique and uncompromises environments and scenographies.

Unity is strength…

Our Partners

We collaborate with hotels, companies and professionists, with proven experience and quality, and for years now we form with them a winning team… because our motto is only one: “ We sign only masterpieces”.