Allegra.R Wedding Planner

Alegra.R Wedding Planner
Via Grazzi Soncini - Viadana
Tel. +39 0375 782267
Viadana (MANTOVA) - Italy - Tel. +39 0375 782267
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Treat yourself a dream…

I f you want to experience the wait of your wedding, so much desired and expected, like a beautiful fairytale, and you are thinking of Mantua and Parma areas…Allegra’s staff is the solution for you.

The Wedding Planner will become your confidant, a person who will help you with any doubt, a reference point for your guests, the one that will make you think that everything will be beautiful, perfect and unforgettable… as a beautiful fairy tale.

Allegra.R and her team will learn very soon your tastes and your preferences, to create a unique and personalized wedding not leaving anything to chance, not wasting time and money, helping to create your perfect day.

Floral productions and scenographies
Directed coordination of the whole event
Outfits for bride and groom, formal wear and accessories even custom
Spa packages for newlyweds
Wedding invitations and gastronomic menu
Musical entertainment and lights
Search of locations, catering and accommodation for the newlyweds
Tableau de Mariage
Make-up and hairstyle for bride, groom and wedding witnesses
Photographer - photos and videos
Wedding Cake
Car hire and transfers for guests
Wedding List - Honeymoon List
Honeymoon - journey advices
Gay wedding organization