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Alegra.R Wedding Planner
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Four steps for…

a unique wedding as a work of art!

1 1
The dream

Daydreaming! It is the first step of our newlyweds that we will magically interpret for a perfectly done wedding.

2 2
Pictures and emotions

You will close your eyes and imagine… colours, shades, perfumes, places, passions, feelings… that we will do ours and that we will elaborate and transform into a magical reality.

3 3
To create and to shape

Like a work of art…the dream takes shape thanks to the creativity and expertise of our handmade laboratories which meticolously will select the best materials for a unique and unmatched final result.

4 4
Like a fairytale…

It’s all ready. A fairytale atmosphere will envelop the most exciting day of your life thanks to unique and uncompromises environments and scenographies.

Our services

Treat yourself a dream…

Allegra and her team will learn very soon all your tastes and your preferences to create a unique and personalized wedding, not leaving anything to chance, not wasting time and money, helping to create your dream…

Our services...
How do you dream your wedding? Romantic, Country, Vintage…

Lots of styles plus one, yours!

Wedding style
“Romantic” Wedding

When we were children or girls, at least once in our lives, we all dreamed of the most fairytale wedding… the romantic one: the white dress, the Prince Charming at the altar, the flowers and the ceremony…

Wedding style
“Country” Wedding

Can’t stand the princely feasts? The country or country chic wedding is right for you, perfect for the newlyweds who prefer an informal and relaxing atmosphere…

Wedding style
“Vintage” Wedding

Are you fascinated by the great romantic movies of Hollywood? Like Vacanze Romane, Casablanca and Via col Vento? The atmosphere of the old days will be felt from the bridal dress till the wedding preparations…

Fairytale environments and scenographies

Some of our locations

We can design and realize the wedding of your dreams with any budget, without giving up to quality and a fabulous location. These are just some locations that could be the frame of the happiest day of your life!

Some testimonials…

Ours newlyweds

Commitment is always huge, but the serenity joined with the emotion given off by your eyes is the most beautiful satisfaction for a Wedding Planner.
Thanks to all of our newlyweds, now friends, with whom we shared the excitement and all the moments of joy… so special and magical of “that day.”

Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

Kindness, helpfulness and professionality!

Fairytale productions made with great taste and professionality. Without forgetting the great kindness and helpfulness in every way. And particular detail, not by little, a really excellent quality / price relationship!


Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

A dream cames true!

A dream came true! There are many words to describe the fantastic service that Allegra.R has packed us for "our special day" ... everything perfect ... magical… and exciting !!!

- Alessandra

Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

Thank you with all my heart!

Thank you with all my heart! In your commitment it is evident all the passion and emotion that makes it really magical that day that we all dream about special since childhood. Thank you very much!

- Manuela e Paolo

Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

The marriage that the couple wanted

Allegra.R Wedding Planner has realized the wedding that the couple wished, she has been careful to details, but above all she has been a friend! If I have to get married, I couldn’t bear the idea of not having her support, her professionality and her good taste!

- Sara

Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

Her passion is overwhelming and its professionality makes the difference.

My wife and me turned to Allegra.R, reference Luana, to organize our wedding and we were more than pleased.. she has made a unique and personalized wedding for our needs. Our guests still remember us our feast with enthusiasm. Thank you!

- Stefano e Giulia

Allegra.R Wedding Planner “Testimonial”

Great competence and imagination

Great competence and imagination in designing the whole wedding, from the location to furnishing etc ... in case of doubts or uncertainties, we strongly recommend to contact Allegra Wedding Planner.

- Andrea

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