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Belmond Villa San Michele – Florence

Allegra.R Wedding Planner  Belmond Villa San Michele – Florence

Belmond Villa San Michele – Florence

Seal your love in the renaissance surrounds of Belmond Villa San Michele—a picture-perfect location for a wedding in Tuscany or a Florentine honeymoon.
Grandly situated on a lush, green hilltop, the fairytale Belmond Villa San Michele is a dream location for your wedding. Surrounded by immaculate gardens, overlooking the historic Florence skyline, the classic Italian splendour of this former monastery will take your breath away.
Among the wedding venues in Florence, Belmond Villa San Michele is undoubtedly the most romantic. Allow our team of wedding experts to tailor-make your wedding to your exact requirements. If you have a more intimate occasion in mind, we can arrange exclusive use of the entire hotel.


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